Man City's 32

To celebrate the contentious and controversial return of Carlos Tevez to Premier League Football, I made myself a Man City's jersey. If I would be playing for City, this is exactly what I would be wearing.


32nd March does not exist

I was coming back from the office today and I stumble upon this advertisement. 

"32nd March does not exist" 
Send your declaration before 1st April. 
Revenue Office

I do think the 32nd of March should exists. It should probably appear every four years instead of the 29th February.


My 32nd Birthday

In commemoration of my 32nd birthday, of my name and that of my ancestors, I start this record of everything 32-related. Last 3rd of March (32nd February as I liked to call it) of 2012 (which was also 20+12=32), I celebrated my birthday. Below is the invitation.